Please Help Support our Charitable Partner “Ride On St. Louis” vote for a new therapy horse

How easy can this be to help such a wonderful organization? Vote often it is FREE! You do need to scroll through the many deserving applicants but please vote for Ride On St Louis. Here is more information about this wonderful local charity.
Team Anthonino’s (Click Here to vote)
Ride On St. Louis (ROSL), a Premier PATH Center, is the perfect home for a Lex Lin Gypsy Horse! Our therapy horses are valued partners in a loving relationship. Healthy, happy horses are the backbone of our services, and without them, our services would not exist. Our staff adheres to the highest standards for equine care, training, and health to develop and support the physical and mental health of our equine partners. Our comprehensive care, knowledge and devotion, allows us to have happy, healthy horses, enjoying their special role for 16+ years. A Lex Lin Gypsy Horse would not only serve an immediate need at our growing center, but would flourish under our care in a fulfilling career bringing love, strength and joy to many people for years to come. We are excited to be expanding our veteran services! The ideal horse to help us help veterans is a sturdy, short horse with a curious and friendly disposition. We have been actively screening horses to serve more adult clients. A Lex Lin Gypsy Horse will fill this critical need! In addition to aiding adult clients, a Vanner is well suited for working with children with special needs. Their size, movement and temperament make them a versatile partner for hippotherapy, adaptive riding, sports riding, vaulting, driving and unmounted activities. Welcoming a beautiful Gypsy Vanner into our center’s home would greatly enhance the resourcefulness of our therapy herd. Please vote Ride On St. Louis and help us welcome a new equine partner!
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