Anthonino’s is grateful for the tremendous amount of support we get from our customers, local and national media, and a variety of other sources. We love to share good press, so below are some of the highlights that include awards, notable news, certificates of excellence, links to articles, prominent reviews, and details about appearances on TV shows.

Anthonino’s was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives:


Ian Froeb’s STL100 Restaurants
The best restaurants in St. Louis right now, 2017

“…First-time visitors might struggle to choose between the Italian and Greek options. I generally lean toward the Greek fare, the gyro especially, but the pizzas are strong, and the Greek and Gyro pizzas let you enjoy both sides of Anthonino’s together. And there’s always the Big Rosario, a fat cheeseburger with pancetta…”

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Spoon University
The 25 Best Foods to Eat in St. Louis Before You Die – #3 for our toasted ravioli

“As if ravioli couldn’t have gotten any better. Deep frying the ravioli not only makes them more addicting, but also turns them into a finger food because forks and knives just get in the way.”

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St. Louis Magazine
Best Casual Restaurant 2016 – #2 in St. Louis

“It’s casual, with both Italian and Greek food, and busy even with an expanded dining room. Best Dish: Fire Pizza combines tzatziki, capicola sausage, roasted jalapeños, and pepper cheese. Insider Tip: Despite its Ionic roots, the restaurant serves up a fine hamburger on garlic cheese bread.”

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Riverfront Times
Best Restaurant in St. Louis – 2016

“Readers love this Italian-Greek hybrid — it’s a perennial winner in our Best Of issue and our Restaurant Guide as well. Good food, warm service and an inviting atmosphere keep people coming back year after year. A recent revamp of the dining room is just the cherry on top…”

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#1 Italian Restaurant in St. Louis

With all the great Italian restaurants in St. Louis, we’re truly honored to be ranked by (with help from Trip Advisor reviews) as the best Italian eatery in St. Louis!

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Fox2Now TV Appearance
Anthonino’s Taverna helps keep weddings in-style and on-budget 

We love when we get the opportunity to go on TV to talk about the restaurant. Check out this appearance on Fox2Now. Anthony talks about ways to keep weddings in-style and on-budget.

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